A world full of influence and violence has become one, but the ordinary to many of us. Despite our efforts in preventing and abstaining the influence of violence towards our younglings its almost impossible to shield them from everything that’s there. As they grew accustomed towards such existence of societies, they soon realize the potential of such violence in influencing them. In teenage years, in school most would be subjected to peer- pressure to be part of something extreme, being part of something sinister gives a teen a sort of accomplishment, as he tends to look cool and superior among his mates.

“Our younger generation is the one determining our planets future”

In most cases, such unfortunate friendship ends most kids in juvenile or prison, destroying their hopes and dreams and leaving them with nothing but regret. As teens, we all know how it is like being rebellious, as we prefer to be the wild horse or the stallion of our household and the cool kid of the block. The rage and anger at that age is due to a phenomenon called young blood and with the right way of being able to unleash it could change scenarios in many ways. As it would be one way to prevent another teen falling into the preys of one-eyed monsters and crushed dreams and giving him a future to look forward too.

Working out is a way of stress relief, but hard hitting and challenging workouts usually becomes a form of expression. We express ourselves in the form of strength and we direct all the rage and anger as motivation to push ourselves harder, we work our biceps until we start screaming as a form of boost. According to this, Bar Brothers Review Bar Brothers an initiative which started out to change the world of fitness by only using calisthenics, as a form of challenge where one accomplishes more than expected kicked off in Washington DC. These have made an impact on many, especially teenagers, that there are more challenging ways to unleash or to put time and energy into.

As Bar Brothers become a point of realization for many, this helps to take away the influence of negativity surrounding them as it gives the younger generation a positive form of expression. Therefore, this helps to reduce more and more teens being subjected to peer pressure instead it inspires and gets more teens involved in building the perfect body. As calisthenics, revolve around not only techniques, but also a combination of a strong physical and mental. A strong mindset is one way to not give up while indulging in calisthenics as it becomes crucial to be focused on the end goal.

Therefore, based on this Bar Brothers Review, Bar Brothers DC has helped to start reducing the risk of teenage violence with a strong kickoff from DC. In many cases, this initiative has taken a parental role in becoming a counselor and a mentor for many younger generations to keep them on the right path and involving themselves in activities requiring more time than unnecessary issues. As a conclusion, Bar Brothers DC has made a positive revolution for many youngsters to look forward to a bigger, brighter and healthier future.